Next Level Healthcare Sharing

A community committed to sharing the burden of medical expenses.  

Healthcare that works for you, cares for you.

Until now, healthcare has been a challenge.

ShareNet is Not Insurance.

It's what you have been missing. 

Budget Friendly ShareNet

Budget friendly healthcare

ShareNet members save hundreds of dollars every month. Comprehensive programs start at $220 for individuals and $440 for families.

Preventive+ program options are also available at an even greater value.

A vision and dental discount program is also included in both program options

ShareNet Providers

Nationwide provider flexibility

Keep the doctor you love. Use the ShareNet network for ease, or see any provider you choose with no out-of-network penalty.

You really can have a choice again. 

Faith Forward

Faith Forward

ShareNet guidelines for sharing are Biblically-based.

This means that you will never pay for anything that violates your faith and conscience.

Sharing with ShareNet

Transparent Sharing

ShareNet is a true sharing community. 

You will always see exactly how your monthly shares are used.

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