Who We Are

A Healthcare Sharing Ministry for you.

The ShareNet Story

It only takes one story to start a journey. We are a family of five, two of whom have very complex medical histories. Numerous surgeries and hospital stays to include what has at times felt like interaction with every part of the American healthcare system have made us sensitive to the difficulties of funding and enduring the journey from sickness back to health. We appreciate insurance companies and employer-based plans, but two things are missing from that equation: transparency and community. 

Washington Family

Why ShareNet?

We need many ways to access health care beyond just health insurance. Health care sharing (which is not insurance) enables members to share health expenses in a community of faith that offers innovative high performing member to member sharing on our Virtual Share Exchange. 

Through our community, we are stronger together. As believers, we know that living life together is better. And by providing a not-for-profit solution to healthcare, we can make healthcare better, too. 

Why ShareNet?

Will you join us?

We are a Healthcare Sharing Ministry that welcomes and unites those who agree with our core statement of beliefs on how we live life, take care of our health, and support others.

Will you join us?

Our Mission and Vision for ShareNet

ShareNet exists to close that gap between transparency & community. We seek to unite believers in a community where they can experience the Biblical model of sharing burdens through transparent member to member cost sharing and an interface that provides the means to be a part of a vibrant prayer community. 


ShareNet is a healthcare sharing ministry that exists to enable its members to share in the burden of healthcare expenses. ShareNet and its members strive to follow the ethical and spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ as they are set out in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.


ShareNet Ministries seeks to exemplify the Biblical worldview by facilitating direct, voluntary member-to-member cost-sharing for health care expenses.


At the core of what we do, and how we relate to and engage with one another as a community of people, is a set of common beliefs. To join, all members must agree to our Guidelines and our Shared Beliefs and Ethics.

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