How does healthcare sharing work?

Healthcare Sharing

Transparent and straightforward.


Each month ShareNet matches your Monthly Share with another member’s eligible medical expenses per our Member Guidelines. Then, ShareNet coordinates payment to the provider.



Whenever you visit a provider, have them send the bill to us for processing and payment. 



Once your Annual Unshared Amount has been met, the members of ShareNet will begin sharing your medical expenses. It's that easy!



All along the way, you get to see how your funds are used to care for the community and keep tabs on the balance in your account. That is what Next Level Sharing looks like.

Going to the Doctor

Step 1

Choose your medical provider

No network limitations. Just see your preferred provider.

Choose your provider
Step 1
Step 2

Show your Member Card

Present your ShareNet Card and ask the provider to bill ShareNet electronically using the information on the back of the card. 

Member Card
Step 2
Step 3

ShareNet Processes Your Bill

ShareNet will receive your bill and process it for discounts and fair market pricing.

Step 3
Step 4

You will receive an Explanation of Sharing

Your bill will be processed according to to the guidelines, and you will receive an Explanation of Sharing. This will show you the provider fee, any AUA amount that you owe, and the amount that was shared. 

Explanation of Sharing
Step 4
Step 5

Pay your portion

After you receive the explanation of sharing, your provider will too. You can expect a bill or statement from the provider that matches. Then, simply pay your portion.

Pay your portion
Step 5
Step 6

Members Share the rest.

You can always look in the member center to see the breakdown of your bills and who from the community shared your need. 

Step 6

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