The ShareNet Difference


Why we need ShareNet.

Most Americans don't understand how the healthcare industry operates, and they often feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

On top of that, healthcare costs continue to rise higher and higher. It is one of the biggest expenses for every household, yet we have no control over where and how our money is spent. 

This is why ShareNet is growing. 

Member Focused

Member Focused

Members are at the center of our decisions, not profits. We advocate for savings and quality care as good stewards of your monthly shares. We listen to and partner with you. And, are here to provide support throughout your healthcare journey.

Lower Costs with ShareNet

Lower Costs

Pay less...with innovation and information. ShareNet works hard to ensure the lowest price is paid for medical services to keep costs low for members.


Transparency and Accountability

Transparency & Accountability

Built on industry-leading technology, ShareNet ensures you can always see exactly where your money goes and powers modern, direct member-to-member sharing.

ShareNet also helps the member community to build and sustain distributed reserves across the member accounts to prepare the community to take care of each other. 

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