ShareNet Preventive+ Program

What is Preventive+?

A wellness-sharing program that provides you access to a far-reaching network of doctors and hospitals. This includes things like primary care, pediatric and urgent care visits, as well as, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, and emergency services.

ShareNet Preventive+

Sharing First

With ShareNet Preventive+, you pay your provider fee, and members share the rest of eligible medical expenses.  

There is an annual limit but no Annual Unshared Amount. 

Sharing First

Caring For You

Access a far-reaching network of doctors and hospitals for practitioner and ancillary services. Sharing also includes hospitalization, diagnostic testing, and emergency services.

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Frequently Asked Questions about


When does sharing start?

With Preventive+, there is no Annual Unshared Amount. Sharing starts for all eligible medical bills as soon as you pay your provider fee. Sharing is there right away when you need it. We call this first dollar sharing.

Is there a limit to sharing?

Yes, with Preventive+, there is an annual limit of $25,000 and a lifetime limit of $250,000. 

Can I keep my doctor?

Yes, you can see any provider you choose. ShareNet does have access to a network as well if you find that more convenient. Regardless, there is never an out-of-network penalty. It's your healthcare. Choose whom you'd like to see. 

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How does it work?

How does it work?