Common Questions

Nature of ShareNet

What is ShareNet and how does it work?
ShareNet is a community whose members hold a common set of beliefs and are committed to sharing the burden of each other’s medical expenses.


  • Sharing Across a Community. Each member of ShareNet has an account that is funded by monthly contributions.   When a member has a medical expense that is eligible for sharing under our Membership Guidelines, that member is matched with other members whose accounts are debited to cover the expense. 


  • Transparency. Members see how every dollar is used.  ShareNet’s user-friendly platform shows members how their funds are shared with other members.  In addition to providing full transparency, this allows members to offer each other personal support as they face medical challenges. 
Is ShareNet health insurance?
ShareNet is not health insurance. ShareNet is a non-profit organization that facilitates the voluntary sharing of healthcare costs among members.


Insurance is a contract under which an insurance company assumes the legal obligation to pay for medical expenses covered by the policy in exchange for monthly premiums. ShareNet is different:  members voluntarily share the cost of each other’s eligible medical expenses, and ShareNet does not assume any legal obligation to pay for its members’ medical bills.  ShareNet strives to ensure cost-sharing for all eligible medical expenses, but it cannot guarantee that, and each member is ultimately responsible for his or her medical expenses.

Am I eligible for ShareNet membership?

ShareNet’s membership is available to any Christian person who attests to ShareNet’s Statement of Beliefs.

Program Information

Can I join anytime or is there an enrollment period?

There is no enrollment period.  You can join at any time and choose your membership start date.

Do members have deductibles or co-pays?

Each ShareNet Comprehensive member has an Annual Unshared Amount. Once the member has spent the Annual Unshared Amount on eligible expenses, ShareNet will facilitate the sharing of 100% of elgible medical expenses.  See ShareNet Comprehensive Program Member Guidelines for details.  

ShareNet Preventive+ members do not have an Annual Unshared Amount, although they have annual and lifetime maximums. See ShareNet Preventive+ Guidelines for details.

Specific Medical Expenses

We encourage you to review ShareNet’s Membership Guidelines, which provide more information on these topics and answer other questions you may have. 

Are maternity services eligible for cost-sharing?
ShareNet facilitates cost-sharing for pregnancy-related expenses in accordance with the Membership Guidelines, as long as the mother was married at the time of conception and the estimated due date is at least eleven months from the date of enrollment. For more information, please refer to the Membership Guidelines.  
Are pre-existing conditions eligible for cost-sharing?
ShareNet facilitates cost-sharing for some pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is one that, at the time of enrollment, has shown symptoms, has been treated, or has required monitoring during the past 36 months.
Are prescription drug costs eligible for sharing?

The ShareNet Preventive+ program :

Prescription medications are not eligible for sharing; however, members can access wholesale pricing on most prescription medications with their member card.

The ShareNet Comprehensive program :

Prescription medications are not eligible for sharing; however, members can access wholesale pricing on most prescription medications with their Member card.  (see ShareNet Member Center for prices at your local pharmacy.)

If the AUA has been met, then the excess prescription amount is eligible for sharing as a reimbursement to the member up to $2,000 per member per year. See Guidelines for full details.

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